#i can hear louis cackling

 #lbr if harry dared him louis would get in too    #and they’d try and fail to make it sexy    #because there is nothing less sexy than an ice bath    #and so they’d give up and play ‘who can hold out the longest’    #with louis taunting harry    #‘if you get out first i’ll ride you in the jacuzzi’    #‘or how about a blowjob in the hot shower over there’    #and harry would grin and bear it bc he’d know blowjobs are imminent no matter who wins    #until he notices louis’ lips turning blue and his teeth chattering through his smirk    #and so he’s up and declaring louis the winner and pulling him out of the bath    #and they stumble to the jacuzzi pink skinned and shivering through their giggles    #and they’re in the spa huddled together skin all pins and needles tingley    #and even though louis’ still shaking he doesn’t stop crowing about how weak harry is until harry’s got a couple of fingers in him    #…whoops idk   (tracedust)


Any salad can be a Caesar salad if you stab it enough

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aimmyarrowshigh: An ask: what is the best way to spend an afternoon?

Aw this made me smile (:
Probably reading a good book or spending time with friends